Protect your outdoor areas and improve your indoor/outdoor flow with a custom made awning!

Add the finishing touches to your outdoor setting with a matching awning and at the same time provide weather protection to your doors, windows and outdoor furniture.

We can match any style of awning to your outdoor décor and furniture. We have such a large range of fabrics, styles and materials. Our products are of the highest quality available.

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Fixed Awnings

Are you fed up with the weather dictating your life?

Fixed Frame Awnings

Fixed frame awnings are custom made and permanently fixed onto your premise. Fixed frame awnings can be made around pipes and other extrusions. These awnings are ideal for providing protection above doors and windows. Our awnings are suitable for both residential and commercial premises and ideal for mounting marketing details on.

Need better protection from the elements to make the most of outdoor entertaining? Call Blinds 2000 to arrange a home visit.

Fixed Canopy

Fixed canopies offer an effective shade and rain covering for doors and windows. The canopies are available in standard colours and sizes, and can be customised.

  • Let your awning do your advertising for you.
  • Fabrics suitable for sign writing.
  • Reboss fixed canopies look stylish and still allow the light through whilst keeping you dry.
  • Made from Perspex.

See your home enhanced with beautiful clear Perspex awnings as a fixed canopy. This is scratch resistant Leesun board that is 15-20 stronger than acrylic. Ideal above entrance ways and windows for weather protection without loss of light.

  • Simple system of fixed canopies, standard widths 1200mm & 1500mm
  • Multiple canopies banked together that are easy to assemble
  • They are manufactured in black engineered plastic and can be custom sprayed
  • Secure fastening systems

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Retractable Awnings

We offer a variety of custom made outdoor awnings and canopies to enhance the exterior of your home and help to protect against harsh weather conditions. Various styles of retractable awnings in a wide range of colours offer privacy, sunshade and protection from the rain.

Retractable awnings can be motorised with switch, remote control, automatic wind or sun sensors or timer control systems. A range of accessories and a number of finish options are available.

Use a Weatherbox to protect your awning.

  • Available mill finish or any powder coat colour, cut to length
  • Pivoting double sectioned, allows for minimum gap above awning
  • Matching end plates, allow for adjustment to front angle when installed
  • Custom made awning utilises modular construction and simple design to achieve a more affordable price
  • Available in a range of mounting styles
  • Spring arm Roller Awning
  • 135 degree arm adjustment
  • Stainless steel fastenings

For more pictures see Gallery.